2017 Annual General Meeting

Event Details


Saturday 11 Nov 2017

The Worcester Group is holding its 29th annual general meeting on Saturday 11th November.

Details of location, timings, agenda, notice of the election of officers and requests for buffet support have already been communicated by email, our website and our Facebook page.

The remaining two advance papers for the meeting can be accessed by clicking on items in the Documents tab.

The first report covering actions and matters arising from last year's AGM contains a detailed summary of progress against a large number of initiatives suggested at that meeting and is visible by clicking on 2016 Actions and Matters Arising in the Documents tab. Item 2 on the AGM agenda will be focused on a question and answer session based upon this summary report.

The second paper contains the consolidated Officers' annual summary reports and is accessed by clicking on Officers' Annual Summary Reports in the Documents tab. Item 3 on the AGM agenda will be focused on a question and answer session based upon this consolidated report.

This is to save time at the AGM itself by giving you a chance to review the papers beforehand.

There are also two brief 'brainstorming' sessions within the agenda, namely 'what constitutes a good walk' and 'post launch feedback on our new Group website and Facebook page'. You might like to decide in advance which of these sessions you would like to join and to prepare any points, suggestions or questions you would care to contribute to the discussion.

Disappointingly, we have still received no nominations for the vacant roles of Chairman, Group Secretary and Press Engagement Officer. Successful execution of each of these roles is critical to the development and governance of our Group and to our overall public visibility. It really cannot be stressed enough just how difficult it will be for Worcester Group to retain its current momentum without filling the first two of these roles in particular.

Confirmed nominations for any of the posts should be sent to Cliff Dimond (chairman) before Friday 27th October by clicking on Cliff D in the Coordinators tab or via the 'Help/Contact Us/Chairman' page on our website. If more than one person is nominated for a particular post, a vote will be taken by members attending the AGM. Role descriptions can be accessed by clicking in the Links tab.

It should be possible to undertake any of these roles within your existing time commitments so please do volunteer even if your offer of help is limited to a one-year term.

Your participation at the AGM is very important as it offers committee members an objective assessment of our Group's development and also helps provide direction for priorities for the forthcoming year. It could also prove quite interesting!

You have the personal assurance of current committee members that there will be no 'press ganging' of attendees to fill vacant roles so please do not feel inhibited to attend on November 11th.

Your Group has had a successful year, however it can only continue to improve if it gets full support from its membership.  Here is your opportunity to make a contribution!

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