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Having nearly exhausted supplies of our current Group brochure, we have created and printed a stock of smaller replacement pamphlets as one of our key recruitment initiatives for 2017.

This is now available, having been professionally printed as a glossy A4 trifold.

To access the full PDF version, please click Details, then Small Pamphlet in the Documents section.

Cathie A. will distribute the pamphlets in public and commercial locations across our catchment area on a regular basis.

In addition to this however we need your help:

Friends, Family and Colleagues

Do you have people that you know personally who might be tempted to try us out as a result of reading about our activities?

Back Pack Stocks

Could you carry a couple of copies in your rucksack on walks to be able to hand out if you meet fellow walkers or passers-by who express interest in our activities?

Yes – we have actually recruited people directly this way!

Other Distribution Locations

Do you have access to specific locations that Cathie might not easily identify or approach where you could leave some copies?

Sharing and extending our reach will make a huge difference, so please help with one or more elements of our campaign by contacting Cliff D as soon as possible. Cliff has a stock of pamphlets to issue which he can make available at the beginning of walks or alternatively get in touch with him via the ‘Contact Us’ page on our website.

Thanks are due to Sue R. for designing the pamphlet and to Jane Vi. for getting them printed at a very competitive cost.

More members will generate more leaders which will in turn mean a more vibrant and varied walks programme!

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